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About Us

Our Vision

A family of members who push each other to achieve what they once thought was impossible.

Our Mission

We are here to educate the wider community on calisthenics and its ART Form. We hope to empower all members to break past personal barriers, together, whilst developing stronger, fitter and better young individuals both mentally and physically.

Our Values

1. Calisthenics - The use of an individual’s bodyweight to develop physical & mental strength, build functional movement patterns and excel in skills.

2. Family – The coming together of supportive individuals who care and love for each other, what they love for themselves, to be better.

3. Self-Development – The pursuit to outgrow and better your physical, mental, and spiritual character and abilities, compared to yesterday.

Helping you achieve your calisthenics goals

ARTOC Training provides members with a systematic method to bodyweight movement. We help you develop the strength and skills required to master the ART of Calisthenics and ultimately achieve your goals.


With multiple levels of progression, classes and programs are designed so that you make the most of every workout

In the spirit of competition, our challenging & creative workouts, provide you with the opportunity to push to your peak

With the application of exercise science and research to our training methods, you can be confident we will provide results


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Advanced Resistance Training of Calisthenics (ARTOC) is an organisation helping you achieve your goals, through the ART of Calisthenics

Working hours

Monday – Thursday:
5:30am – 11:30am
3:30pm – 9:30pm

Saturday: All day

Sunday: Closed

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