Helping you achieve your calisthenics goals

ARTOC Training provides members with a systematic method to bodyweight movement. We help you develop the strength and skills required to master the ART of Calisthenics and ultimately achieve your goals.


With multiple levels of progression, classes and programs are designed so that you make the most of every workout

In the spirit of competition, our challenging & creative workouts, provide you with the opportunity to push to your peak

With the application of exercise science and research to our training methods, you can be confident we will provide results


Join the Tribe

Join a team of incredible individuals whose soul purpose is to improve, inspire and reach the impossible, together.


Calisthenics Strength & Endurance Training

Building your strength and endurance is a crucial element to a strong foundation. Our beginner classes will help progress into advanced classes, where muscle ups are our warm up.

Calisthenics Freestyle & skill Building

From Handstands to Muscle ups, we help individuals, develop the skills to display their strength anywhere, anytime. Here is where calisthenics athletes and future ninja warriors are made.

Bootcamp & Functional Training

Your ability to move better, feel lighter and do more is key to creating a stronger, fitter and better self. If your goal is to lose fat, develop your fitness ability and increase your energy levels, this is perfect.

Kids Development Training

Today, kids are driven to suspend their ability to develop their bodies, minds and friends, through play. A future without strong children and communities is a future without character, so here, the young can unleash their potential.

Meet your coach - Khaled

Founder & Head Coach of ARTOC Family, Exercise & Sports Scientist, Australian Ninja Warrior and Brother of 8 Younger Siblings. As Founder, it is my duty to ensure, my team and I present the best training methods and lead with the best freestyle & unique movements of the human body, in order to not only transform bodies, but to help excel the abilities of each one of our members and clients, while people get along, have fun and motivate each other to live a healthier and goal driven lifestyle

Founder & Head Coach

Coach Khaled



Save on your class pricing and take your training to the next level with our flexible ARTOC memberships

  • Billed every 6 months


  • $22 /class
  • (40% off classes with membership)
    • 60 Classes within 6 months
    • + 5 Free Personal Training sessions
    • Access to ARTOC Members Group
    • Yearly Plan
    • Monthly Check ins
    • Access to Video Analysis
    • Free ARTOC Events
  • Billed Every 3 Months


  • $27 /class
  • (26% off classes with membership)
    • 30 Classes within 3 months
    • Access to ARTOC Members Group
    • Seasonal Plan
  • Billed Monthly


  • $32 /class
  • (12% off classes with membership)
    • 10 Classes within 1 month
    • Access to ARTOC Members Group

Classes & Events

Bookings for one of our scheduled ARTOC Events or join us for a casual Class.

Personal & Private Group training

Bookings for personal training & private group sessions with one of our professional trainers



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Reviews from you

"I have lost so much weight and gained so much flexibility and strength. Khaled is the personal trainer that taught me to take care of my body, as it is the most important physical asset on earth."

Tedmond Au

“I honestly would not have started working out or doing calisthenics if it wasn't for you. You have motivated me beyond measure and continue to prove to me that there is no limit to what we are capable of doing with our bodies. When I first started off I thought I was pretty fit and strong for an average guy but reflecting back I realise just how wrong I was. Even now, after reaching past what I thought was possible when I first started, you continue to show and teach me that there is so much to learn. Your training sessions have improved my lifestyle more than I could have imagined. I feel better, I look better, and I have a better mindset, and for that I am thankful.”

Moath Ayish

“Hey Khaled, I wanted to thank you for helping strengthen myself and challenging me. Training has had a massive impact on my life and I hope to continue for years to come.”

Haiden Sleiman

"I wish to thank you for all the training so far as now for the first time ever I could complete a full set of monkey bars hand over hand, but more importantly, am extremely proud I am able to show my 3 year old son how to!”

Matthew Austin

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